Machitenda Women Economic Ryders

Project summary

The project is to build a solar power station that can power a minimum of five solar electric trikes, to promote women-based transport solution. Train ten women to drive the trikes who manage the solar power station. The allocation and management of both the power station and trikes will be agreed at meetings with the community.


This project will not only have significant economic impact on rural women who will help them have control of how they market their products. But will have an impact on health and skills development for women and other community members.

Skill gain

Community members especially women will work with the organisation setting up the solar power station to enable women to gain skills relating to solar powered electric systems. This will give the women some independence in dealing safely with minor repairs and maintenance of the solar power station. Further skills to be gained in addition to driving skills, community women will gain basic mechanic skills to enable them to undertake minor repairs and maintenance of the electric cargo trikes.

Benefit to community members

It means they will have more free time to be creative about their livelihood without compromising their health and safety due to lack of effective transport infrastructure. Furthermore, more creative use of both the solar power station and electric trikes that include providing transport to clinics, collecting prescriptions and delivery of shopping for people in the village can earn women additional income. The solar station can also be used to charge up electric items for other community members and help to create employment in the area.


Our vision is to facilitate the necessary training to empower women and the community, to achieve sustainability and opening opportunities for others from the benefits of the project.


Our mission is to support women to achieve their full potential and facilitate their active involvement in business, employment, learning and livelihood in the Masvingo District.


Echoes of Humanity, an organisation dedicated to supporting community members in rural areas to achieve their full potential

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