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At Echoes of Humanity, we are fortunate to have a dedicated team of trustees who are passionate about supporting community members in rural areas. Our trustees bring a range of skills and expertise to our organization, from business and finance to education and community development.

I was born on the 14th of February 1978. My totem is Chirandu. This is means a strong cow. It basically explains the usefulness of the cow as all its parts can be used for different necessities; meat is our beef, cow hide can be used as a mat and so forth. People with this totem are known for good behavior and helping others, and also in correcting other people’s mistakes.

Svodai Mafumhe


My name is Shingai Chiwara. This was my grandfather’s name. I am Gwisai’s son who is Verenga’s son. Verenga was born by Tarusenga, who was born by Mudzungairi. When we are praising our ancestors we say “Thank you Lion, Thank you Muerabwi, Thank you children of Chivi. Those who yielded from throwing the spear. Upon seeing a huge body, the children are frightened, the ghost of the forest. Thank you people of confusion. Thank you Muerabwi. My father says they were seven in their family. Their names were Tavengegweii, Chiwara, Tagwerei, Masinire, Matsveru, Madzore and Tarusenga. The mother who gave birth to our grandafathers was called Chifedza her totem being fish.

Shingai Chiwara


My real name is Rejoice which means ‘to be happy’. My totem is Ngara, it means the animal called Nungu in our Zimbabwean language Shona. My totem is a representation of a porcupine, this is because this animal has spikes which are sometimes likened to a spear in our culture. When it gets angry or provoked the spikes arise such that it is ready to attack its impending or oncoming enemy or intruder.

Joyce Mafumhe


My given names are Ronald Tawanda. Ronald is a masculine given name derived from the Old Norse Rögnvaldr and means ruler. I don’t believe there’s a proper translation of Tawanda in English but basically means an increment in number of people. In this case I was an addition to the family. My totem is Zebra, which, I believe is the most beautiful animal in the world. My surname is Chiriseri and I come from Mt Darwin in Mashonaland East I was born and raised in Harare.

Ronald Chiriseri


I was born in 1969 on the 2nd of June. My totem is Ngara, which means the animal called Nungu in our Zimbabwean Shona language, translated as a Porcupine. When chanting our praises, we say ‘Thank you, thank you Ngara of the fifth Chakandamina, which is on the arrow of Masvingo, who shot the stone and it bled ’. A resemblance of a strong tribe.

Sicilia Mafumhe


My name is Tafungwa Marufu. I was given this name the day my grandfather passed away. They gave me this name in gratitude that they had received another male replacement in the family. Marufu is just our family surname originally used by our ancestors. Our totem is Gwizo which means a rat in our Zimbabwean language Shona. Our tribe emigrated from South Africa. That is where we originate. How we came about to be here we had come after our sister who was married by chief Mazungunye, as a result we were given our own land to live as a tribe. We chant our totem saying ‘Thank you, Nhenga, Vhenyamatutu, Jeza Mupunga’.

Tafungwa Marufu


My name is Julius Nzombe. My name was adapted from Julius Ceaser, the biblical army general. He led an army of 1000 people. In our family this name is also used by my paternal uncle. Hence, I was given this name to show solidarity and unity within the family. ‘Nzombe’ means a castrated heifer which is specifically used for farming purposes and also pulling scotch carts. My totem is represented by an Eland (Mhopfu). In our culture it is known for death. It is a male Eland it is always accompanied by a swarm of hornets. If you want to kill an Eland you need to shoot it in hiding, otherwise if it spots you and it cries out for help it is suspected that there may be death in your family.

Julius Nzombe


My name is Martha Chinombo. This name was adapted from the biblical Martha after they had read her story and like her works in the bible. I am a woman aged 30 years. My surname is from Nyasaland not Kalanga. That is where my ancestors came from. My totem is represented by an (Nzou) elephant. We praise our ancestors saying, ‘Maita Zhou, Matanda Nerupiri Matanda’. Our family is based in Gutu, in the Nerupiri locality.

Martha Chinombo


Hayley Wyatt


My first name Charity is associated with the biblical meaning. When I was born most children in Zimbabwe were given English names that were linked to biblical characters or teachings. Charity, in Christian thought, is the highest form of love, signifying the reciprocal love between God and man that is made manifest in unselfish love one’s fellow men. Sara was my Great grandmother’s name which was given to me as her spiritual representative and as a way of remembering her. (Naming ceremony). This was confirmed in a naming ceremony when I was a baby. My surname is a shortened phrase “Chenga ose manhanga hapana risina mhodzi”. Translation into English as follows; one must accord equal dignity and value to whoever they encounter and what they possess. One must cherish and love all their children without favour because they are all blessings, and they can look after you in the future. My totem is lion (Shumba). I am generally referred to as Masibanda (Lioness). Within the Shumba (Lion) totem there are many subgroups. My sub-group is Mushavi we Jira (Hunter of material)

Charity Sarah Chenga


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